What is good wine?

Have you ever ask yourself this question? Could you answer it ?

A good wine is strong, with a long finish, good acidity, elegant or tannic! So many possibilities which confuse every single wine lovers.
Before being able to answer this, we have to understand how we appreciate the wine.
A wine will be appreciated by using 3 of our 5 senses. Sight, nose and taste.

The color or the wine is appreciated to judge the wine. The age will be determined upon the intensity of the color. For a red wine , a darker and intense color on purple tone will indicate the wine is young. On contrary a light and orange or brick tones show a wine with a certain age. The color indication helps also to appreciate the quality of the wine. If the wine is young but look old or vice-versa, it needs to catch our attention and will require more precise analysis.

The nose or smell will express what is calling the bouquet. We will appreciate the intensity of the aromas combination, their harmony. Primary and secondary aromas will be expressed. From fruit to animal like musk, leather, all those aromas will give a first image of the wine.
The taste will reveal complementary flavors detect by your palate. All those flavors will confirm, or not, the aromas family you just have smelled. We will also appreciate the length of the wine which means how long the taste last.

On nose and palate, we will use the term “complex”. This complexity doesn’t means anything if we don’t understand it.
A complex wine will have a harmonious different but complimentary aromas and flavors. The key for a good wine is the balance. None of the aromas should override on the others and hide them. We are expecting complementary aromas which will create a story of flavors. One after the other, it will reveal difference tone which are well combined; this is a complex and balance wine.

Now, everybody has a difference perception of flavors and aromas. So to answer the question “What is a good wine”, I will simply answer “the wine you have the most pleasure with”. No matter how expensive, how simple, how famous, the perfect wine will be meeting to expectation at the right moment you are enjoying it, nothing more, and nothing less.

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