Chѓteau Haut Dambert AOC Entre Deux Mers Cuvee Clemence


Floral & Fresh
This typical Entre-deux-Mers white adds Sauvignon Gris and Muscadelle to the blend. Straw color. Floral, light with a nice fresh finish.


Located in the heart of the famous Entre Deux Mers region the Château is managed by the third generation of the Hitier Buffeteau family. Today they produce elegant wines using the traditional techniques of earlier generations while making refinements with modern technology.

The white wine is produced on an 11 hectares plot planted with 56% Sauvignon Blanc, 35% Sauvignon Gris, and 9% Muscadelle. The blending of these three grapes into this Cuvée Clémence, creates a wine that unites the pineapple and lychee aromas of Sauvignon Gris, the full-bodied lushness of Muscadelle together with the refreshing citrus aromas and acidity of Sauvignon Blanc. A wine that is round, balanced, and refreshing. Best served chilled.

Aromas of currant, grapefruit, lime and a touch of minerality. Fresh scent of green apples and apricot. Slightly fresh taste of green apples and tropical fruit, acidity lasts a bit and ends dry.

Food pairings include steamed fish, lightly sauced shellfish, steamed chicken, brie, mild cheddar, fresh goat cheese, Cantonese food, Shanghainese food, fish head bee hoon.


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