Cadmo Mallorca Syrah


Round & Tasty
Bright cherry color with a purplish rim, aroma we can find wild herbs, liquor fruit and very toasted. Round, tasty and mineral in the mouth

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VINEYARD: Can Xanet, a plot of two hectares located in the north of Mallorca, on the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana, with a gentle height of 2.7% over limestone soil, and overlooking the Bay of Pollensa.

VITICULTURE: The vineyard is cultivated following reasonable practices to obtain quality grapes: vegetal cover between rows, short pruning, green pruning to keep the optimal production, phytosanitary treatments only when it is absolutely neccessary and using the least aggressive for ancillary fauna, thinning of bunches after veràison and manual harvest with selection of bunches.

VINTAGE: A very hot year, which began with abundant rains in January, and somewhat more moderate during the rest of winter and spring and practically nonexistent throughout the summer. With moderate rainfall in Autumn and especially in December.

HARVEST: Syrah was harvest on 28 August, the Mantonegro the 30th of August.The callet was harvested en the 15 th of Septenber an the Gorgollassa the 16th. For all of them boxes of 15 kg were used.

WINE-MAKING: After a day in cold storage at 8oC, the grapes were taken to the wine cellar and de-stemmed over a wooden tank not to crush the grapes. The fermentation process, at a temperature between 25oC and 29oC and using indigenous yeasts, lasted 20 days, with two pigeages daily, followed by maceration of the Syrah and the Montenegro grapes till the end of September and of the Callet and the Gorgollasa grapes till the beginning of October. The malolactic fermentation took place in the tanks and then the wine was raked in barrels.

AGING: The wine is aged 12 months in 225 liter French oak barrels (30% new barrels, 70% two and three-year old barrels) at a controlled temperature. After the coupage, it was kept in deposit 3 months until it was bottled.and kept another 12 months in the bottle until going on sale in the year 2020.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 53% Syrah, 18% Mantonegro, 18% Gorgollassa, 11%Callet

Cadmo has a bright cherry color with violet edge, aroma we can find herbs of mountain, fruit to liquor and very toasted (roasted). Round, tasty and mineral on the palate.

PH: 3.47
SERVING: It is best served in a decanter at 14-16oC.


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